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Creat Resources Holdings invest in mineral exploration across Australia and worldwide. Investors can find a wealth of information by browsing our site.

About Us

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Initially incorporated in Tasmania, Australia in 1999 and trading as Zeehan Zinc Limited, Creat Resources Holdings Limited is a mineral, exploration, development and investment company.

We believe there are a variety of attractive transactions in the market given the current global financial climate and we aim to proceed with acquisitions and other transactions that result in the expansion of operations, both nationally and internationally. This will be combined with resource diversification including, but not limited to, high value commodities in order to spread the risk of commodity fluctuations and take advantage of the deals on offer.

Historically, Creat Resources Holdings has pursued a strategy of exploration and mining with a view to process and sell commercial quantities of zinc, lead and silver. We now seek to adopt a dual focus, with continued investment either directly in projects or indirectly through corporate acquisitions as opportunities present themselves.

Key Advisors

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Mr. Yu (Edward) Sun: Executive Chairman

Mr. Tad Ballantyne: Deputy Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Mr. Morris Hansen: Executive Director

Mr. Phillip Simpson: Non-Executive Director


Mr. Edward Sun: Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Morris Hansen: General Manager & Company Secretary


Accountants (Taxation)


117 Wilson St.


Tasmania 7320 Australia


Automic Group

Level 5, 126 Phillip Street

Sydney, New South Wales, 2000



Synectic Group

99-103 George St.


Tasmania 7250 Australia

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